• 2022 Outdoor Retailer Snow Show


    Aesthetictex will attend Outdoor Retailer Snow Show 2022! Welcome your visit to celebrate new products listing! 

    Location: Colorado Convention Center, Denver Colorado USA 
    Dates: 2022/1/26 - 1/28
    Hours: Day 1-2, 9:00am - 6:00pm
               Day 3, 9:00am - 4:00pm 
    Booth No.: 49060-UL  

  • 2021 WM Performance Days Functional Fabric Fair-The Loop Online Show


    2021 WM Performance Days Functional Fabric Fair-The Loop Online show is coming~

    Dec. 01, 2021~ All Year Long

    Highly welcome your visit to, https://www.performancedays.com/loop.html, you can search for fabrics in the Aesthetictex webpage after sign up. 

    You are also welcome to invite us for e-meeting to discuss further fabrics providing and development according to your needs. 

    Look forward to seeing you soon!

  • Happy Moon Festival!


    Dear partners and freinds of Aesthetictex, 

    The weather started getting cooler, the days get shorter,  it's beautiful Autumn, and time to celebrate full Moon! But, no BBQ and no moon cake... all of the most wish to everyone is, stay healthy and safe from pandemic! 

    May you and your family all the best!


  • Performance Days-The Loop-Aesthetictex fabric online show in 2021


    Fabric Online show in 2021 is coming~

    Mar. 15,2021-Sept. 15,2021

    Due to the epidemic situation, we can now select fabrics suitable for the product line from the Internet.We provide the following several ways to understand of our fabric information. 

    ★ Inquire Aesthetictex team for an introduction  of the fabric category, and we will provide you with a link.
    ☆Click on the website link, https://www.performancedays.com/, you can search for fabrics in the Aesthetictex webpage after sign up. Each fabric has an information for you to check descriptions and characteristics of the fabric. 
    ★You are more welcome to invite us to a online conference meeting to discuss the supply of fabrics according to your needs. 

    You are always the most welcome to contact us for any cooperation.

  • Tomb Sweeping Day Peaceful


    Dear Friends and Families,

    Please note that our office will close from April 2 (Fri) to April 5 (Mon) due to Tomb Sweeping Day.
    We will resume to work  on April 6 (Tuesday)

    We apologize for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.
    We will try to respond to all email enquiries as soon as possible once we resume work.

    Thank you!!

  • Happy Chinese New Year!!!


    Aesthetictex appreciates your support in this year! 

    No matter how and what happened in last year, that already past... we need to clap and cheer the efforts we have paid, and go forward courageously with hope! 

    Our office will close from Feb. 09 noon till Feb. 16 for CNY holidays, will resume to work on Feb. 17.

    Aesthetictex will standby here to continue our good service for you!  


    Happy Cow Lunar Year to all of our friends and families! Wish you a prosperous new year!

  • Breaking News!!! Aesthetictex fabrics online show!


    In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, exhibitions and tourism receptions around the world have been cancelled. In order to be closer to customer needs and maintain our good services, you can ask us for an online display of new fabrics for new season. Even if you work from home, you can still browse fabrics suitable for the product line. The following are several suggestions:


    1. Inquire Aesthetictex team for an introduction video of the fabric category, and we will provide you with a link.
    2. Inquire Aesthetictex team for our website login account password, and you can search for fabrics on the web. Each fabric has a video for you to watch the characteristics of the fabric.
    3. You are more welcome to invite us to a online conference meeting to discuss the supply of fabrics according to your needs.


    Although the surrounding environment cannot be as we want in an instant, we will eventually find a suitable way to break through. Let's go! Highly welcome your enquiry!

  • Thanksgiving Greeting to all friends and clients of Aesthetictex!


    The pandemic still overspread, please take good care and stay healthy! 

    Thanksgiving is coming, Aesthetictex appreciates all your support and assistance in the past, we will do our best to go on with you in every future day!  

    Aesthetictex wish you all the best!! Happy Thanksgiving! 

  • Outdoor Retailer Snow Show 2020


    Aesthetictex will attend OR WM + Snow Show 2020! Welcome your visit to celebrate new products listing! 

    Location: Colorado Convention Center, Denver Colorado USA 
    Dates: 2019/1/27 - 1/29
    Hours: Day 1-2, 9:00am - 6:00pm
               Day 3, 9:00am - 5:00pm 
    Booth No.: 10025-LL  

  • Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show 2019


    Aesthetictex will attend OR WM + Snow Show 2019! Welcome your visit to celebrate new products listing! 

    Location: Colorado Convention Center, Denver Colorado USA 
    Dates: 2019/1/30 - 2/1
    Hours: Day 1-2, 9:00am - 6:00pm
               Day 3, 9:00am - 5:00pm 
    Booth No.: 5022-LL  

  • Performance Days Functional Fabric Fair / NOV 28th-29th 2018 / MUNICH


    Then PERFORMANCE DAYS is the perfect place for you to source fabrics & accessories for sportswear, workwear, sportive fashion and athleisure collections!

    On Nov 28-29th 2018, we will be featuring collections for Kickoff Winter 2020/21 - Update Summer 2020.

    Aesthetictex cordially invites you to visit us at the next PERFORMANCE DAYS functional fabric fair in Munich.

    You can easily request an appointment at www.performancedays.eu/visitors/exhibitors-list.html. Just click the link: Request an Appointment at Performance Days. Or email to service@aesthetictex.com.


    November 28-29th 2018

    1st fair day 09:00h to 19:00h

    2nd fair day 09:00h to 18:00h


    Hall C1, enter via North West Entrance, Messegelände, 81823 Munich, Germany

    Booth No.: N09

    We look forward to seeing you there!


    Your Aesthetictex team. 

  • Autonomy Heat Regulation textile


    Fabric Code SBK11409, one semi bodymapping melange jacquard knit. The unique knitting design, to perform the air circular between the space of upper layer and down layer, which space is called air pocket. When the outside environment temperature is lower than body, the upper layer stop the outside cool air go thru the air pocket to prevent wearer feels cold, the temperature from body will be kept in the air pocket to stay warm for wearer comfortable ; When the body temperature go higher when wearer doing exercise, the air circular movement will push the heat go thru the air pocket to outside, make cooling purpose.   

  • ISPO Textrends 2019/20


    Congratulations Aesthetictex fabric products have been selected by ISPO Textrends 2019/20 jury!!!  


    BLASE / SBK21294
    has been elected TOP 10 of the BASE LAYER category


    ALGORITHM / LEK91072
    has been elected TOP 10 of the ECO ERA category


    ALGORITHM / SBK22349
    has been elected TOP 10 of the SECOND LAYER category



    have been elected SELECTION of the BASE LAYER category



    have been elected in the SELECTION of the ECO ERA category


    NEW ORDER / APK82033
    has been elected in the SELECTION of the MEMBRANES & COATINGS category


    NEW ORDER / APK84003E
    has been elected in the SELECTION of the OUTER LAYER category


    BLASE / DPK52062
    NEW ORDER / LEK91082

    have been elected in the SELECTION of the SECOND LAYER category


    NEW ORDER / SBK11350
    BLASE / SBK31197
    BLASE / SBK22325
    BLASE / SBK22331

    have been elected in the SELECTION of the ECO ERA category


    Please browse these items in our product showcase, if you not yet have login data, please inquire, we highly welcome you to join A.I. members! 

  • Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show 2018


    Aesthetictex will attend OR WM + Snow Show 2018! Welcome your visit to celebrate new products listing! 

    Location: Colorado Convention Center, Denver Colorado USA 
    Dates: 2018/1/25 - 1/28
    Hours: Day 1-3, 9:00am - 6:00pm
               Day 4, 9:00am - 3:00pm 
    Booth No.: 5019-LL  

  • How beautiful Taiwan!!!


    We would like to introduce the photos we post on our website front page to share with you, how beautiful Taiwan is where we live!!! 


    The first one picture back ground is named Stream Camp, located at north peak of Acacia Hill, mid and east of Taiwan. To view sunrise and galaxy is most enjoyable for camper! 


    The second picture back ground is Dragon Cave, located at north east of Taiwan, there is the oldest rock, face to East Ocean. To swim, snorkeling, rock climbing, hiking and ecological observation to Green Algae, Coral Algae, Sea Cucumber, Hermit Crab, and Anemones. 


    The third picture back ground is main peak ridge of Acacia Hill. The vast view of mountain and sea of clouds lead people be humble and with wider mind. I thought we conquer the mountain, but actually it conquers us! 


    Taiwan, we greatly respect its beauty and rich connotation but introverted!!! Let's explore more its beauty!

  • Aesthetictex is mentioned by Ms. Linda Keppinger accessed by Textile Inside Trendsetter magazine, posting in May-June 2017!!!


    After 20 years at Nike as Global Materials Director, Linda Keppinger is bringing her knowledge of materials innovation, sustainability and design to the greater apparel community. Her passion for textiles stems from her grandmother; she worked in the millinery trade and taught Keppinger how to sew. “My grandmother’s act of sharing is a reflection of this industry, which is so much about inspiring and learning from each other,” said Keppinger. As CEO and founder of MaterialsMove, Keppinger is currently focusing on enhancing communication between designers/brands and mills. Here Keppinger gives Textile Insight a peek into her process. 

    What types of services do you provide? “My consulting business focuses on materials research, innovation and concept development sourcing recommendations; as well as partnering with mills on material and trend research, materials merchandising and palettes to provide clear representation of the mills’ capabilities to brands.” 

    How do you work with mills?
    “I work with mills that are based in Asia to present their capabilities the best. I do this through a storytelling approach because I find that the Asian culture is more about doing what’s requested. What I’m doing is sharing their perspective and explaining what they have the capability of doing. I do this in the context of seasonal trend direction. For example, I have a client in Asia that is a woven supplier. I worked with them to put together a presentation for Spring 2019 around the idea of light weight. So I do research on innovation, trend research and biomimicry and come up with a few themes for them. Then they present their fabrics to customers using storytelling as a background. Ireally saw that a lot of mills couldn’t explain what they could do. This gives pictures and language without having to talk about it too
    much. It’s really a lot of fun.”
    Why is storytelling so important today?
    “Consumers long to hear stories as a way to connect and feel like they’re making a difference through their actions and purchases. Storytelling offers hope and possibilities, and a way for brands to connect more deeply with consumers. Materials are an avenue to tell this story, and offer a voice
    for brands to deliver through performance, sustainability or trends components of the material. The partnership between Adidas and Parley to make products made from reclaimed plastic bottles from the ocean is an excellent example of organizations coming together to share their commitment to the environment with storytelling.”
    What inspires you?
    “Whether traveling abroad or in day-to-day life, I’m always in search of unique colors, textures or ideas from culture, nature or architectural elements as inspiration. I always have my camera with me so I can return to my photography, which offers a creative source of inspiration and signifies the curiosity that is at the center of my work. I am very inspired by the work of Nigerian artist El Anatsui. His piece entitled ‘Between Earth and Heaven’ is made from reclaimed aluminum, wire and plastic disks. The piece is constructed in a way that refers to the West African traditions of strip-woven textiles namely kente cloth. It is a work that honors local traditions and makes reference to the history of the slave trade.” 

    What are some of your favorite materials right now?
    “What I find interesting in materials today are those that perform various uses for consumers – for both performance and lifestyle. Consumers appreciate performance materials and have the desire to wear them beyond just their workout. DuPont’s Sorona knits crossover for both performance and lifestyle use with an amazing aesthetic and bio-based sustainability solution. Some items are single polymer, that also offer a circular economy solution (instead of throwing something away, you take the fibers back and make them into a higher or equal value product). Functional textile supplier Aesthetictex captures market trends and translates them into unique performance solutions including engineered jacquards, printed warps, unique weave constructions, as well as color and finish effects.” 

    What should brands and designers be focusing on?
    “On collaboration and partnerships as a means for driving meaningful change in the industry. We’ve seen tremendous momentum taking place in the outdoor industry with the use of the Higg Index — the self-assessment standard to measure environmental and social sustainability throughout
    the supply chain, and empowers brands, retailers and suppliers to identify and drive improvement.
    For myself, I look to support the revitalization of the textile industry in the U.S. and specifically to promote the Pacific Northwest, and expand my public speaking to inspire young female leaders. I like to offer a story of hope and inspiration and motivating people.” 

  • 2017 Outdoor Retailer Winter Market


    Exhibition name: 2017 Outdoor Retailer Winter Market
    Place: Salt Palace Convention Center, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
    Dates: Jan 10th – Jan 12th 2017  
    Booth No.: 255-606