Aesthetictex 8 spirits

  • Honest

    Honest, this word is component of "honey-est" under Aesthetictex's conscious, to treat people with warm heart, also a basic principle as firm as a rock on business.

  • Reliable

    Aesthetictex treasure every opportunity from customers, carefully handle every task and feedback the valuable experience to cultivate trust and built deeper relationship with customers.

  • Enthusiastic

    Aesthetictex keen on the textile, leisure, life and sports, this passion embodies the energy, even face to difficult tasks, but also allows us to enjoy. Base on it, our achievement is to complete and satisfy customers need, and vice versa, this achievement brings us the biggest satisfaction and bring with more enthusiastic.

  • Communication Ability

    Good and smooth communication may reduce misunderstanding generated, this is the most important key in Aesthetictex’s internal processes, also a key point to maintain good customer service quality.

  • Professional

    Aesthetictex's management party has had experience more than 10 years in textile field. Besides textile knowledge requirement, our team has agile comprehension and reaction to provide what customer would like to have. Our ultimate target is to perform our ability and expertise to create niche markets for customers.

  • Design

    Aesthetictex is not just making fabrics, but creative concepts on fabrics. "Design" is a nonlinear logic, our ability is to transform abstract consciousness be usable entity. To implement the unexpected idea be a marketable product.

  • Innovation

    Base on the textile professional capability, Aesthetictex develop fabrics to comprise functional properties and fashion elements, optimize customized commodity to be with high value added, enhance every party’s competitive advantage.

  • Sustainability

    “The 2005 World Summit on Social Development identified sustainable development goals, such as economic development, social development and environmental protection. This view has been expressed as an illustration using three overlapping ellipses indicating that the three pillars of sustainability are not mutually exclusive and can be mutually reinforcing.” ~ by Wikipedia. Aesthetictex uphold and respect this concept, promise to comply with corporate moral responsibility.